Integratus Method

Individual sessions

Individual sessions

Individual sessions with the Integratus Method can be likened to those of working with a personal trainer.

Sessions are on a one to one basis and last 55 minutes. They normally take place in the Integratus studio.

During your first session a physical evaluation will be made including photos being taken of your posture. These, along with the use of mirrors, enable imbalances and physical deformations, often the result of stress and bad use, to be pointed out to you.

With the problems identified, it is possible to develop strategies to bring your body back to the optimum form and potential that genetics have determined for it. And, importantly, to allow it to remain free of the tension and deformation that previous bad use has led to.

A key factor in this process is your own involvement. The therapist guides and supports you but change comes through yourself. A new physical awareness builds up in you and, under the guidance of the therapist, a new posture appears that can become permanent.

This process comes about as a result of three lines of work. Relaxation of tensions, cognitive learning of the body's axis and a bi-mechanical rearrangement brought about by a plan of exercise to maintain the postural change.

All the above takes place within an individual and personalised setting that also includes physical training.

In short, Integratus is a method of integrating all your natural potentials.