Integratus Method



Training in the Integratus Method is to immerse yourself in an intense daily practice to bring about profound changes in your body structure, mental consciousness and postural cognitive responses.

It goes without saying that you need to bring these changes about in yourself before you can bring them about in others.

The training covers theoretical work, relaxation and postural realignment, proprioception and meditation practices as well as fitness exercises.

The course is spread over two years and consists of six modules. These are structured through sessions totaling 12 hours a week and adding up to a total of 864 hours of instruction.

15% of the course is theoretical. It covers the study of material concerning stress, anxiety, muscle tension, pain and their practical implications on everyday life. Also included is a study of the physiological function of the neurohumoral (HPA axis) and the principles and postulates of the Alexander Technique. The fundamentals of postural alignment, center of mass, strength and muscle chains from the classic biomechanics are also examined.

85% of the course is practical. It consists of exercises and relaxation practices of the spinal structures and thereafter the musculoskeletal chains. It also focuses on cognitive reflection, breathing (pranayama) and reviews how automatic reactions can be controlled by inhibition, direction and the primary control as proposed by the Alexander Technique. Also included are proprioceptive correction of biomechanical balance, postural fitness exercises using asanas and Yoga practices. The variable resistors of Pilates and traditional strength training exercises complete the program.

To provide knowledge of the allostatic load – the wear and tear on the body that accumulates when an individual is exposed to repeated or chronic stress.

To give insights into the mental/emotional relationship with the physical/somatic condition. In other words how an extreme focus on physical symptoms such as pain or fatigue can cause major emotional distress and functioning problems.

To illustrate how emotional and mental stress compromise the body and destabilizes the biomechanical balance and vice versa.

To demonstrate how personal management and control of the above conditions can be achieved through the guidelines and practices of the method.

To enable those completing their training to be ready to show others how to recognise their own inner disruptive processes and how to manage them through the Integratus method.

The Integratus training is designed to bring about a less stressed, quieter and more peaceful ‘you’. A ‘you’ who inhabits a body that is well structured, strong, resilient and aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Additionally, a mental attitude that is balanced, accurate and more conscious, one that enables daily life to be lived without the restraints of anxiety and tension.

In short, a personal transformation that can release your full potential and allow you to help others using what you have learned throughout the training.