Integratus Method



Integrating relaxation, postural re-education, proprioception and physical exercise, the method has been shown to be highly effective for children.

By nourishing the principles of good postural health and balance, children learn to discover in themselves an agility and way of using their body that benefits them not only through their growing years but also into adulthood.

Along with developing posture, the method helps control both physical and mental stress. At the same time it improves a child's overall physical conditioning.

By including meditative practices and breathing exercises, the method has been shown to lead to better concentration at school along with improved understanding and retention of class work.

Integratus for kids focuses on the development of the body's motor functions and also the development of abilities that can be seen in acrobatics such as roll ups, hand stands, inverted positions, head over heels and bar work.

Lessons are composed of postural alignment exercises, meditation, breathing, yoga, Pilates, physical muscular conditioning and physical agility.


- Helps children deal with their emotions.
- Improves attention, concentration and retention of school class work.
- Improves instances of hyperactivity and physical pain.
- Realigns the posture for everyday physical activities.
- Improves self esteem and builds confidence to express themselves.
- Develops and supports mental and physical integration.